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Autumn in San Ramon

IMG_5724.jpg , a photo by skip.kuebel on Flickr. I was scouting locations for an upcoming family portrait session and realized that California is always knocked for not having any seasons. I know it ain't New England in the fall, but still not too bad right? This is the fountain in San Ramon. Maybe the saving grace is that it's 72ยบ with no snow! Skip Kuebel, Photographer

Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens

Here are some more of my Washington D.C. adventure pictures. Mount Vernon was George Washington's Virginia estate. The view from the front porch is very relaxing. Too bad George was too busy to enjoy it much. I guess leading the army, setting up the country and being President took a lot of time. Go figure. There is also a working farm on the property, that they work like they did back in Washington's day. See more of these photos on my Flickr account. Skip Kuebel, Photographer

The WWII Memorial still closed in Washington

I visited Washington D.C. a few years back and had such a good time wandering the Mall and looking at all the monuments. As, you can imagine I took a bunch of pictures. I can't believe they would put up barriers around these, as they are just out there in the open. Now, it would be hard to get pictures near them. Hopefully everyone will come to the senses soon and open these treasures back up. Even more so with the National Parks. It must take more personnel and equipment and cost to keep people out vs. watching them visit? Here are a few of the WWII Memorial and you can see more from my trip at my Flickr site. Skip Kuebel, Photographer

Container Ship vs. Alcatraz

Container Ship vs. Alcatraz , a photo by skip.kuebel on Flickr. Like King Kong vs Godzilla, this giant container ship passes just in front of Alcatraz island in the San Francisco Bay. The ship is almost the same size as the old prison island. I shot this near the St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco. Skip Kuebel, Photographer