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Alamo Rotary Easter Egg Hunt

This weekend I shot an Easter Egg Hunt for the Alamo Rotary Club. Lots of families and kid's, face painting, refreshments, games the Easter Bunny and of course the Easter Egg Hunt itself. I put together this presentation using Adobe Spark. :D You can also see all the photos at:

Dr. Sanford Severin Portrait

A Portrait of my friend and client Dr. Sanford Severin and founder of the East Bay Eye Center in San Ramon. I met Dr. Sandy due to an eye issue I was having. It was a serious thing and at one point my vision in my right eye was at risk. To make a long story short, everything turned out fine for me and the good doctor and I have been friends ever since. I've worked on his book preparing a digital copy to put on his website which I built and you can find at to review. Look back later, we are preparing some videos to go on Dr. Severin's blog as well. This portrait was shot in his office with my old Canon D40 with one light. Used Lightroom for the basics and OnOne software for touch-ups and effects. Skip Kuebel, Photographer

Lifestyle Goals Designed in Adobe Spark

Here's a social media post I put together for Sandy Severin, MD, my client and author of the books TriEnergetics and Live Longer, Live Healthier. I designed this post using Adobe Spark. Click on the embedded photo link to see the complete interactive animation. If you would like to have a promotion piece like this created for your business, drop me an email at: . Or, you can visit my website at:  where I show Graphic Design, Photography, Print Production, Branding and Website development projects. If you want more information about Dr. Severin or his books you can visit online at: . Skip Kuebel, Photographer

Fort Point and OnOne Software

This is one of the many photographs I've taken at Fort Point, and the Fort Point Light underneath the Gate Bridge. It's an old Civil War army fort that guarded the entrance to San Francisco Bay. Beginning in 1852, the US government funded the construction of a chain of 59 lighthouses along the California Coast. The Fort Point light was one of 13 serving the San Francisco Bay. In 1934, The US Lighthouse Service keepers extinguished the Fort Point light for the last time due to the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge. For awhile it looked like they may tear down the fort and the light to build the bridge but in the end they just built the bridge right over the top of the fort. This is a must see stop when in San Francisco. I removed the sky with OnOne tools and then added in the dramatic sky and then color corrected all so that it would look like it belonged. The tool work really well, even over the top rail and the circular staircase grill pattern. See more at:  http