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Outside Pendleton, Oregon

Rusted Truck and Tractor , a photo by skip.kuebel on Flickr. On a trip to Pendleton, Oregon I passed through a small town with some great abandoned buildings and old rusty farm equipment out in the fields. I shot some of these and you can see this shoot on my Flickr site . These were shot with the Canon 40D and brought into Lightroom v.5 for color correction, cropping and other basic fixes, then into Photoshop CC for spot removal and tilt-shift blur, then a pass through Nik software where I put my special mix of filters. Then a little noise reduction and then a tad bit of sharpening and this is the outcome. Skip Kuebel, Photographer

Yacht in Autumn

Yacht in Autumn , a photo by skip.kuebel on Flickr. A large yacht docked at the Delta Marina in Rio Vista, California with autumn trees in the background. Photo was processed with On One filters and NIK software. Stored and cropped and basic set-up was done in Adobe Lightroom. Skip Kuebel, Photographer

Low Tide on Tomales Bay

Low Tide on Tomales Bay , a photo by skip.kuebel on Flickr. Low tide at Tomales Bay in Marin county. Known for their great fresh oysters among other things this was shot at Nick's Cove. The bottom picture is a man shucking oysters at Hog Island Oyster Company, just south of Nick's Cove. View more photos at my Flickr page. Skip Kuebel, Photographer