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New Website Design - Offutt Employee Benefits

I've just finished and published a brand new website for a local Insurance broker in Pleasanton, Offutt Employee Benefits. Both the client and I are very happy with the way the site turned out. It was a lot of work as the health insurance business seems to be changing every day. Go by and take a look, I'd love to have your feedback. Also, if you are shopping for insurance, either Covered California or private health insurance she really knows her business and would be happy to help. Ask for Diane. You can visit the website at: "Offutt Employee Benefits in an independent Employee Benefit Concierge.  For over 34 years they have helped design, budget and administer employee benefit packages, all with hassle free services. " —Diane Offutt Skip Kuebel, Photographer

Yahoo Recruiting Poster for Flickr

Flickr used one of my photos to go on their recruiting posters that they will use at the Yahoo Campus as well as in social media to attract people to the Bay Area for work. I feel especially honored as you can imagine there are many pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge that appear on Flickr and for them to choose and use mine, is pretty cool! :) Also we received over 35,000 views! Below is the original photo as it appears on Flickr . Skip Kuebel, Photographer