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Top of the Mark

A San Francisco cable car climbs California street to the top of Nob Hill by the Mark Hopkins hotel on the left. I liked the sunlight coming in from the top right corner and used that to focus the attention on the cable car by blowing that out some and adding a bit of glow. I used On1 Software Filters for this one. I also like how it's sharp at the cable car and then fades toward the upper corner. I also added a vignette called the Big Softy to darken the bottom edges. You can see this shot on my Flickr page at: Skip Kuebel, Photographer

Sunset at Muir Beach

I hiked out to Muir Beach one afternoon and saw this great view of the trees on the hill, the rocks in the foreground and the ocean slashing up on the beach. So, I worked my way around the rocks and was doing the photographer thing, you know, getting the best angle for the shot, focus etc. Little did I know that on the other side of these rocks is a nude beach. Felt a little creepy, with the camera and all, so I didn't stay long! LOL. I added in the sun and sky in post-processing and using NIK filters to bring in the orange/reds from the sunset into the rocks and ocean. Is it cheating to do this? What you think? See more at: Skip Kuebel, Photographer