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Old Town Sacramento on a foggy day.

I went on one of my photo walks in Old Town Sacramento on a very foggy day. I wasn't sure if the photos would come out nice and it was tricky because if you went beyond a certain distance things would start to disappear. I was pleasantly surprised that the fog made some quite moody pictures. All in all a pretty good day, and also a nice crab lunch!

Pictures of Candy Land

There is a photographer, I follow online named Matt Crump. He would isolate the backgrounds and make interesting crops and then add in pastel colored (candy colored) backgrounds. I found this very interesting and thought I would try my hand at this. So here is Skip in Candy Land! I think it works very well with signage. I hope to get out and shoot more of this style later. Visit my Flickr site for more.

Sunrise at Bixby Bridge in Big Sur

I wait my turn while a young photographer takes his picture of the second most famous bridge (after the Golden Gate Bridge) in the state just after sunrise. There were a surprising number of tourists and photographers there and at first I was annoyed because I wanted a shot of the bridge with no one there, but when he kneeled down to get his shot I thought this made a very cool photo. Sometimes the best plan is no plan at all. So after he moved on, I took the shot below, turns out I like the top one better.

After trying to get the bridge and the ocean in the shot at the same time, I realized that wasn't going to happen, so I scampered across Highway 1 and walked down a dirt access road and kept looking back until I was able to frame up this shot.

While waiting to cross back over the highway to my car, this motorcycle came into view and I thought it would be nice to get a shot of it going across the bridge with the winding Highway 1 off in the distance. Someone told me it reminded …